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Was My Garbage Man Dumpster Diving?

Chris Gilpin

I have two IQCam Outdoor security cameras on the front of my house and I got a motion alert on garbage day.  Normal...

The Benefits Of Smart Features & Home Automation

Chris Gilpin

Adding smart features and automation to your home is a bright idea.

Staying Safe And Secure While Traveling

B.B. Leigh

If you're like the one-third of Americans planning to travel more than 50 miles from home within the next year, you m...

The Very Real Dangers of Skimming

B.B. Leigh

In today’s technology advanced society, it is easier than ever for savvy thieves to access and use your financial inf...

Beat RFID Skimmers Without Changing Your Wallet

B.B. Leigh

Hackers have developed a slew of tools to help them achieve their nefarious goals. One of these devices that has grow...

Today's Credit Card Fraud

B.B. Leigh

Credit card fraud - if you have never had it happen, you are lucky. Today, we all use our credit cards more than ever...

Why You Don't Need an RFID-Blocking Wallet

B.B. Leigh

While technological advancements have the potential to improve the way that we live, new technology also brings with ...

Keeping Your Identity Safe During Spring Break

B.B. Leigh

“Spring Break” makes me think of margaritas, beaches, travel and kids off of school. It’s a busy and fun holiday seas...

Back to Basics: What is RFID?

B.B. Leigh

What is RFID?  There’s a lot of talk these days about the modern technology known as RFID and most people don’t know ...

The Importance Of Changing Passwords And Preventing Vulnerabilities

B.B. Leigh

It may feel like strings of letters, numbers and symbols are clogging our brains. However, there’s a reason that stro...

Keeping Your Child's Information Private- Tips for the Digital Age

B.B. Leigh

It was easier to parent before the internet. It still wasn’t easy, of course, there have always been ample things to ...

Medical Identity Theft

B.B. Leigh

  When most people think of Identity Theft, they assume it’s financial. However, Medical Identity Theft is a very rea...
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