Beat RFID Skimmers Without Changing Your Wallet

Hackers have developed a slew of tools to help them achieve their nefarious goals. One of these devices that has grown in popularity in recent years is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) skimmer. Using these devices, a criminal only needs to be near your credit card to skim information from it. Once your card has been skimmed, the information can be used to create a replicate card, or used in an identity theft operation. 

All of this is may seem like science fiction, but it’s actually made possible due to science. The technology within every RFID enabled card transmits bank details through a unique radio signal. An RFID skimmer then only needs to pick up on this information. 

What can you do about it? Many security experts advise that consumers purchase an entirely new wallet that is equipped to block RFID skimmers. While this advice was once the only way to go, there’s another option: SignalVault RFID Protectors.

The Very Real Danger of RFID Skimmers

The security company Norton states that this year 70 percent of credit cards will be vulnerable to RFID skimming. Does that necessarily mean that hackers will take advantage of this vulnerability? All signs point to yes. In fact, all a hacker needs is a black-market smartphone app to skim credit card information, or a specialized RFID skimmer. Then, this information can be fed into a machine that only costs $300-$400 to replicate the new card. 

In order for the RFID skimmer to work, the criminal needs to be within six inches of the credit card. This can easily be accomplished in crowded areas such as malls or musical venues.

Benefits of RFID Protector Sleeves

SingalVault RFID protector sleeves carry with them multiple benefits that cannot be found elsewhere. The primary benefit is that these sleeves protect your RFID debit/credit cards from identity thieves and hackers by making your information completely invisible. The E-Field technology present within SignalVault’s protector sleeves does not require batteries nor charging. Instead, you simply line your wallet, or individual credit cards, with a protector sleeve and you’ll be protected. 

Protecting your vital bank account information and identity is the prime benefit of the SignalVault’s card protector. However, do not be fooled into thinking all card protectors are created equally. Our card protectors have been scientifically crafted and tested to ensure that they block all intrusive RFID signals.

Additionally, RFID protector sleeves will work with any wallet, money clip or phone case. If it can hold your debit/credit cards, it can certainly hold our protector sleeves. With our sleeves, you can protect your identity, and your funds, without the need of buying a new wallet.

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