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We Have <font color=REINVENTED The Business Card" />

We Have REINVENTED The Business Card

Use the SignalVault to promote your business, your brand or yourself. Our clients include UBS Financial, The Hartford, Wells Fargo, MoneyGram, Genomic Health, Oracle, Sandisk and many more! Learn how customizing the SignalVault is the perfect high-tech business card or tradeshow giveaway.

CellSafe RFID Phone Cases

CellSafe RFID Phone Cases

Our CellSafe line of phone cases can hold and protect up to 9 cards. Now Available for the iPhone 7, iPhone 6/6s and Samsung S7.



Can I get the SignalVault customized with my company's information?

Yes. Our clients customize the SignalVault to be used as a promotional item or executive business card. Our clients include: Wells Fargo, Ameriprise Financial, The Hartford, SanDisk, MoneyGram, Jones Barclay, Morgan Stanley and many others.

How long will the SignalVault protect my cards?

The SignalVault will last 3 years, which is the typical lifespan of the average credit/debit card.

Do I take the SignalVault out of the plastic wrapper?

Yes. The plastic wrapper is to help avoid scratches during shipping and should be removed before installing in your wallet.

Will the SignalVault work after going through the airport or courthouse?

Yes. The SignalVault will not be affected by scanners or x-rays used in airports and courthouses.

Do I need to keep a SignalVault in the TravelVault?

No. The TravelVault is lined with our RFIDefense material and does not need a SignalVault kept inside.

Does the SignalVault require batteries or charging?

No. The SignalVault uses our P.D.S. or Passive Defense System and does not require batteries, charging or activation.