Keeping Your Identity Safe During Spring Break

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Keeping Your Identity Safe During Spring Break

“Spring Break” makes me think of margaritas, beaches, travel and kids off of school. It’s a busy and fun holiday season that comes once a year and is a time when many people take a much-needed vacation. 

High-Theft Time of Year 

While you’re planning your getaway, remember that Spring Break is a high tourism time, which means high instances of theft. Unfortunately, criminals also relish in the time of year when so many people are feeling carefree and loose and can be easy targets. 

U.S. passports, some driver’s licenses and most credit cards rely on Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). The embedded microchips are linked to databases that contain your personal records and information. As a result, RFID skimming has become a very real concern. 

RFID Blocking and Passport Covers

RFID blocking products make it difficult for thieves with electronic readers to skim data from your cards or passports. Having an RFID blocking device is a simple solution to a real problem. Keep your passport safe from e-pickpockets and identify thieves with a passport cover. 

There’s nothing worse than realizing your identity has been compromised while on vacation. Once you’ve taken the initiative by getting these simple yet effective devices, you can relax knowing your information is safe. Being vulnerable while on vacation is a serious concern, but take a simple step to protect yourself and you’ll rest easier.



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