Why You Don't Need an RFID-Blocking Wallet

While technological advancements have the potential to improve the way that we live, new technology also brings with it the possibility that scammers and criminals will exploit security gaps for their own personal gain. One example of a new advancement that has provided identity thieves and hackers with the opportunity to steal private and sensitive information from unsuspecting individuals is radio-frequency identification (RFID). 

Credit cards and debit cards that are equipped with RFID technology use a very small integrated circuit with an antenna to transmit radio signals. In theory, this technology is used to cut down on fraud. While the magnetic stripe technology used in older credit and debit cards could be copied by scammers and used multiple times, RFID chips create new transaction code each time. This means that captured information transmitted by an RFID chip at a point of sale wouldn't be able to be used by the would-be hacker. 

However, RFID has one gigantic security flaw. Because the RFID's tiny antenna is constantly transmitting information even when it's not being used, hackers and identity thieves can intercept the signal as you walk down the street, enjoy coffee with friends or ride public transportation. Unlike with traditional magnetic stripe cards, a criminal does not need to physically access your credit card to steal your information. Your biggest threat as a RFID credit or debit card holder could be from someone across the street from you. 

Luckily, would-be identity thieves and hackers can be stopped from stealing your private data simply by shielding your cards with RFID-signal blocking material. Even better, there's no need to replace your perfectly worn-in wallet with a new RFID-blocking wallet, either. A credit and debit card protector such as the independently N.T.S.-tested version offered by SignalVault fits within your current wallet while keeping all of your credit and debit cards and personal information safe. 

Simply by installing two SignalVault credit and debit card protectors in your wallet, you can ensure that the company's proprietary e-field technology will completely protect your sensitive data from would-be thieves. SignalVault requires no activation, batteries or charging, making it easy and convenient to use. What's more, their card protectors are small and slim enough to work with any existing wallet, money clip or other card holder. With SignalVault, less than $20 provides you with three years of credit and debit card protection as well as piece of mind. 

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