The Benefits Of Smart Features & Home Automation

For years, the idea of the Smart Home was reserved only million dollar homes since the cost of entry was extremely high but times have changed.  Recently, a study showed that 60% of home owners planned on buying a smart home device within the next 18 months.  The numerous benefits, relatively low-cost and multiple installation solutions have seen millions of installs in the past five years.

One of the easiest ways to add smart features to your home is to add smart plugs to your existing wall outlets.  Smart plugs are extremely easy to install and you'll gain the ability to remotely control any device plugged into the smart plug.  Another great feature you gain is the ability to make schedules for those devices.

Schedules can save money and add security to any home.  You can set a lamp to turn on as "Welcome Home" lighting or have different lights in your home turn on/off at different times while you are on vacation so it looks like you are home even when you're not to would-be criminals.  You can also create a "Panic" button that can turn on all of your lights with the press of one button in case you hear something in the middle of the night.

This functionality also applies to smart wall switches and smart wall outlets.  While these are harder to install and can be more expensive than smart plugs, they do look better and expand the types of lights you can control inside and outside your home.  We recommend professional installation for smart wall switches and outlets.  Many smart devices are able to controlled with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.  You could simply say, "Alexa, turn on the bedroom lamp," once you've connected the devices to your account.

If you are selling a home, adding smart features and home automation is an inexpensive and easy way to add value to your property and help it stand out to buyers.

I've converted most of the switches in my home to smart switches and I rarely have to touch a light switch anymore.  I've set my lights and devices to schedules that fit me and my family perfectly.  A great example is the air purifier in my son's room - before it would run 24/7 but after setting up a smart plug for it, it only turns on in the evening and it turns off after my son wakes up.  It's one less thing I need to worry and it saves me money on my electric bill.  That is the whole purpose of smart home features and home automation - making your life easier, saving you money and adding convenience.

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