Safe Travels

Vacationing is all about having fun and experiencing new things and places—traveling is on most people’s “Bucket List”. That being said, tourists are often easy targets, for identity theft and other crimes. 

Reducing your chances of a dangerous situation can be done by taking a few, simple precautions before you leave and while you’re away.

Before You Go

Enlist the help of a neighbor or friend, someone you trust. Let them know your departure and return dates, where you’re going and give them the phone number of someone to call in case of an emergency. Also, leave a key with them, never hide a key anywhere on your property.

Secure your home by locking all doors, set up an automatic timer for your lights and leave your blinds in a normal position.

Depending on how long you’ll be gone, either stop your mail or have a neighbor or friend collect it for you. Piled up mail and boxes is a clear indicator that a house is empty!

Lastly, if you’ll be away awhile, have someone maintain your lawn.

Having the help of a neighbor while traveling is critical. Make sure to buy them a souvenir from your trip and offer to return the favor for their vacation.

While You’re Traveling

If You’re Driving to Your Destination

Plan your route ahead of time. Know where you’ll be stopping and research the locations you’ll be staying in advance.

Have your car serviced before you go, this is important as breaking down is a serious drag and can be dangerous.

Keep your car locked when you’re stopped and keep your luggage and valuables out of plain view. Always have your cell phone and keep it charged with a car charger. If you stop for the night, take your valuables with you.

If You’re Flying

Have your tickets tucked safely in an inside pocket and carry a small amount of cash.

Walk with confidence and stay alert.

When hailing a taxi or Uber, make sure they have their licenses clearly displayed.
Always keep your luggage close and make sure it’s easy for you to identify.

When You Arrive

Make sure you are staying somewhere safe and secure and avoid going places with strangers.

Keep your hotel room locked and store your valuables and passport in a safe.

Check in with family and friends at home often, so they know you’re safe.

Be aware of pick pockets, especially in heavily trafficked areas. If your phone or wallet is stolen, report it immediately and cancel your services.

Be wary of locals with offers that sound too good to be true, free rides or tours etc.

If you’re traveling internationally, bring a copy of your passport and make sure your friends or family have a copy of your itinerary.

Safe Travels are Happy Travels!

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