Happy 3rd Birthday & Goodbye To My Credit Card!

Happy 3rd Birthday & Goodbye To My Credit Card!

I started SignalVault in September of 2013 and I opened a business checking account at the same time.  Within a few days of doing so, I received a shiny, new Visa Business Debit Card that was set to expire 10/16 which seemed like a lifetime away.  Since the day I made a working prototype of the SignalVault, I always carried one with me and I am extremely proud to say that after 1,095 days, hundreds of purchases, dozens of airports and several countries my card has remained hack free!

No calls from the bank regarding suspicious activity in Timbuktu.  No getting stranded on vacation with a card that had been frozen due to $2,000 in cat pajama purchases made online.  No waiting for replacement cards and no time spent on the phone trying to explain to the bank that there was no way for me to pump gas in Florida and buy a bright pink Speedo in a shop in Brazil 11 minutes later because my card had been scanned, sold and cloned.

So, Happy 3rd Birthday and a bittersweet goodbye to my card.  I'm going to frame it and put it on the wall in my office as a reminder to myself that my invention gives security and peace of mind to people all over the world!

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  • Faith Diaz

    How many can I get for $30

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