$25 or Less Scam

The ease and convenience of RFID cards also make it very easy for criminals to rack up a ton of dough with just a cell phone. Newer cell phones have NFC or Near Field Communication which is basically the ability to read and transmit information like your chipped card does. Picture a RFID scanner and transmitter-in-one. For purchases under $25, if you use the RFID chip to pay, signing or inputting your pin isn't necessary which again is convenient for us and unfortunately hackers as well.

Hackers preload a purchase or payment app on their NFC phone and then simply go looking for someone to unwittingly pay for an item $25 or less. Since your signature isn't required, they would simply scan your card from your wallet in your pocket or purse, the purchase is complete and then move on to the next person.

In a couple of hours, a pocket surfer could easily make over $500 in a well populated area without breaking a sweat. This is just another reason why having RFID protection for your personal information is a necessity and the SignalVault is your best option!

Did you get a mystery $25 charge? Answer in the comments below.
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  • I love your Idea and device . I would like to see the difference of your card’s verces two sheets of alumminum on each side of a pair of credit cards. Compaire the cards then two sheets per card which I use in my walet . Thank You JRS.

    Joseph Sculley
  • I seen SignalVault on shark tank and wrote that name down as fast as I could. Looked it up on my tablet and in no time had ordered the 10 pack of SignalVault cards. Thank you first for caring about the average person and providing a way for that person to protect their hard earned money. Also thank you for the “Shark Tank” special, which allowed me to purchase 10 SignalVault cards that I may give them to family and friends so that they too can be protected as well. A small price to pay for something that could ultimately ruin a persons life.
    Thank you again,
    Corinna S.

  • This happened to a friend very recently after a 49er game. Lots of little purchases popped up. We just watched your episode on Shark Tank and are so pleased with your presentation, info and product. I’ve just ordered the ten-pack to share. For starters.

    Debbie Sheets

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