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What is Crowd Hacking?

"Why bother wasting my time with a gas station skimmer when I can walk through a crowd with a RFID scanner and get 10x the amount of cards numbers in a tenth of the time?"
-Forum post by a credit card hacker
Criminals have gotten smarter and most consumers are none the wiser to the newest, high-tech crime in the country.  I've coined the term Crowd Hacking to describe this new, high-tech crime which targets RFID credit/debit cards, military CAC cards, access cards to buildings, U.S. passports issued after 2006 and Enhanced Driver's Licenses.
How is the crime committed?  Hackers purchase inexpensive RFID readers online and modify them to steal information from distances of over 25 feet.  Able to be concealed in a bag or backpack, the hacker then goes to a busy area like a mall, airport or college and simply walks through the crowd while their scanner operates silently stealing credit/debit card numbers and personal information from unsuspecting victims.
The SignalVault Credit & Debit Card Protector uses our P.D.S. (Passive Defense System) and E-Field Technology to make your information invisible to hackers and identity thieves.  The SignalVault and our E-Field Technology is now being used all over the world to protect consumers from a crime that claims a new victim every two seconds.  The SignalVault has been tested by Qualtest, Inc. and passed all tests for RFID signal protection.


  • cindy

    I have several credit cards & debit card, will just one placed in my wallet work for all, also do you need to keep it right next to your cards, also have another question, is there something to use online to protect your credit cards, because many firewalls have been hacked into & credit or debit card numbers have been stolen

  • Thomas thompson

    Could it protect several cards in a wallet

  • Ginny

    Do you need one for each credit card in your wallet?

  • Glenn

    Does the SIGNAL VAULT protect the old credit cards AND the new cards with chips embedded?

  • Lisa

    Thanks for all your work on this problem and giving us a great solution. I like your card better than the others advertised which don’t seem to give the same coverage as yours does.I’m so thankful to be able to get these card protectors for Christmas presents for my family. They all are out a lot with shopping and for business so I think these are a must for them. I would hate for them to get their identity and card info stolen.

    Thanks again and congratulations! I’m so happy for your success!!!
    God bless you,

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