There are 5 data breaches in the U.S. everyday, costing companies over $768 million per year. Security Protocol Tests (SPT) by SignalVault allow our clients to quickly address any potential problems or security issues before an actual attack takes place.

Our clients appreciate the discretion, data and speed of our tests and our comprehensive Security Protocol Suggestions help ensure employee data and systems are secure. Confidentiality is extremely important to our clients and all data is kept securely while all reports are generated and then completely wiped from all locations. Client data is never stored in the cloud.

"We thought we were secure but over HALF of my staff failed the SBT! Access to thousands of patient data files from one email. It's scary how easily hackers can build a portal that looks exactly like ours and how a moment of bad judgement from ANY one of our employees could put thousands at risk and cost my practice a lot of money and our reputation. The team at SignalVault were great and we opted to have a short training after the test that was very well received by my staff and extremely informative. We had SignalVault do a follow-up SPT and none of my employees failed! Now I feel confident my staff are prepared for these types of cyber attacks.
Dr. Coleman, PhD

We work with small companies that have 50 employees in one office and Fortune 500 hundred companies with 50,000 employees worldwide alike. Our experts can assist with training your entire staff or just the employees that fail the Security Protocol Test to get them properly equipped to handle malicious email attacks without having to use extensive company resources.

Contact our office today to learn more at (407) 878-6365.


A Security Protocol Test (SPT) by SignalVault uses common hacker tactics to attempt to capture credentials that can be used to access secure systems. If the employee deletes, ignores or reports the email - the employee passes the SPT. If the employee clicks the email or submits information on the capture site - the employee fails the SPT.

The point of the SPT is to find any weaknesses in our client's current security protocols before an issue arises. We target employees for the SPT since nearly 45% of all data breaches and malware installations are made possible by employee error.

Contact our office today to learn more at (407) 878-6365.

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