IQConnect FAQ's

Connecting Your IQConnect Smart Device
Follow these steps to connect your device.
IQConnect devices only work on 2.4ghz Wi-Fi networks. It is required that your device is connected to a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi network for initial setup.
Add Device
1. Plug in and power on your smart device.
2. Login to the IQCOnnect app, and select "Add Device" or the "+" in the top right corner of the app.
3. Ensure the indicator light is blinking quickly (twice a second) and the device is in Configuration Mode.
- Please refer to the app if the indicator light is not blinking rapidly - "How to make indicator blink rapidly"
- Press the power button for 5 seconds to reset the device if the product doesn’t have a reset button.
- For lighting devices, press and hold the on/off button or switch for 5 seconds to reset the device and enter Configuration Mode.
- If the device has a reset button, press reset button once to reset the device.
- It is recommended to check the operation manual in order to connect the device to your WiFi network.
Connect Device To 2.4ghz Wi-Fi Network
1. Enter the password for the 2.4ghz WiFi network. Click "Confirm" into the connecting process. Now we only support 2.4G Wi-Fi channel, please check whether the Wi-Fi is 2.4G .
2. Click "Confirm" once the 2.4ghz Wi-Fi password has been entered.
3. Wait until the app finishes connecting the smart device and you see a "Successful Connection" message displayed.
Wi-Fi Connection Failed - Troubleshooting
1. Confirm the smart device is powered on.
2. Confirm the smart device is in Configuration Mode.


3. Confirm the smart device, smartphone/tablet and Wi-Fi router are close to each other. If the smart device is not within range of your Wi-Fi network, it will not be able to connect.


4. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on your smartphone/tablet.
5. Confirm the Wi-Fi password is correct.


6. Confirm the Wi-Fi network your smartphone/tablet is connected to is a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi network.


7. Confirm the Wi-Fi router’s encryption method is WPA2-PSK and authentication type is AES, or both are set up as automatic.


8. Confirm your Wi-Fi network name only contains letters and numbers,eg:abcd1234.


9. Check to see if your router is connected to too many devices. Please try to disconnect some devices from the Wi-Fi network and try to add the smart device again.


10. If your Wi-Fi router enables MAC address filter, please try removing the device from MAC filter list and make sure the router is allowing device to be connected
Smart Device Is Offline
1. Check to make sure the smart device is plugged in and powered on.
2. Confirm the Wi-Fi is running properly. You can do this by confirming your smartphone/tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network and load our webpage:
3. Confirm no changes have been made to the Wi-Fi network. Confirm the Wi-Fi name and password have not been changed. If so, reset the device or remove the device and add it again. (Device Removal Method: Open the App and enter the device control page, click "..." button which is on the top right corner, click on the bottom of the page "remove device")
4. Restart the router and wait to see if the smart device connects.
IQConnect App Issues
1. Confirm the smart device is powered on.
2. Confirm the smart device is online.
3. Open the app and wait 1-2 minutes and check if the smart device is back online.
4. Check to make sure your smartphone/tablet is connected to a 2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi network.
5. If the smart device is online and the Wi-Fi network is working properly but you still can’t control the smart device, please go to the control page of the smart device, click on the "..." button in the upper right corner, and then click on the "Send Feedback" to send feedback so we can address the issue.
The smart device is connected and can be controlled at the same location, but can't be remote controlled by smartphone/tablet once you leave the location or change network environment.
If the smart device encounters such a situation, it may be the reason that the smart device and smartphone/tablet are connected to the same LAN, but not connected to the internet.
- Please put the smartphone/tablet next your device and make sure they are in the same network environment. Try to open our website to see if the problem is the network.
- If you cannot access the Wi-Fi network, restart your Wi-Fi router.
- If the above problem occurs when the smart device is connected to the network, please go to the control page of the device, click on the "..." button in the upper right corner, and then click on the "Send Feedback" to write the problem you encountered, and provide you Router model, we will handle it ASAP.
Smart device status not synced with the IQConnect app.
1. If the smart device is controlled by a manual switch, the device may not be synchronized at the same time.
2. Open the IQConnect app and the device status will be updated after operating the smart device.
The light/appliance turns on after the power is turned off.
Check to make sure the light/appliance physical switch is turned on or off. If the smart device disconnects, the light/appliance will operate as normal and be will controlled by the physical switch.
Cancel Countdown Timer?
Set the countdown timer at 0 hours and 0 minutes to cancel the countdown.
How do I switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit ?
Please enter the APP – "Profile ", click personal icon to enter the basic information page. Select the "temperature unit" you prefer to see changes within the IQConnect app.
Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Other 3rd Party Support
How can I check to see if my smart device is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other 3rd party platforms?
Add your smart device and select the control page for the smart device. Select "..." in the top right corner and select "Supported Third-party Control" to see available 3rd party platforms.
Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control is not working after connecting to the smart device.
Refer to the smart device user manual and of the 3rd party device to troubleshoot voice control issues.
Additional Help Needed?
Contact us directly at or call 407-878-6365 Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm EST for additional help.
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