No. The SignalVault uses our E-Field Technology and draws power from any device attempting to read your credit and/or debit cards. It will not need charging or batteries during the course of its 3-year lifespan.

The E-Field microchip inside the SignalVault has a lifespan based on Protection Cycles.  A hacker attempting to steal your information = 1 Protection Cycle. The E-Field microchip is rated at 30,000+ Protection Cycles which is protection from 25 hack attempts per day for three years. Since there is no way to know how many times someone attempted to steal your information over the years, we suggest replacing the SignalVault every 3 years.

Yes. The SignalVault was tested by Qualtest, Inc. (now part of N.T.S.) in their Electromagnetic Interference Chamber. Testing proved the SignalVault effectively protects credit and debit card information from unsolicited attempts to capture your information by electronic pickpocketing.

The SignalVault comes with instructions for different wallet styles but a money clip, bi-fold or tri-fold wallet can work with just one SignalVault. Longer, taller or wider wallets need two SignalVaults unless cards are only kept on one side or half of the wallet. You get two SignalVaults with every purchase to ensure you are covered in both scenarios.

Yes!  We have customized the SignalVault for clients around the globe.  They are used as promotional items and high-tech business cards for companies like Wells Fargo, UBS Financial, The Hartford, Morgan Stanley, Mercedes Benz, MoneyGram, Oracle, Merrill Lynch & GE Digital.  Learn more by clicking the button below or calling 386-218-0555.