10 Tips for Personal Security

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10 Tips for Personal Security

While it may seem like common sense—being secure in your environment, and keeping your identity safe—is less simple than you think. In our increasingly busy and fast-paced culture keeping yourself protected from incident is something you have to be conscious of. No one thinks they’re going to be a target—and certainly no one wants to be—but, as we all know, things happen. It’s important to be prepared and protect yourself from situations that could compromise your safety.

 Here’s a list of 10 important safety tips—keep yourself, your identity and your possessions secure. 

  1. Be Aware! Perhaps the most important tip, being alert and aware of your surroundings can make all the difference in the world in preventing a security incident. 
  1. Stand Tall & Walk With Purpose! Similar to being aware, this is critical. Avoid having your hands in your pockets and present yourself confidently, not as an easy target. 
  1. Don’t Be Distracted! We are all guilty of being distracted in public—texting while walking or shopping, listening to music on our smart phones or talking on the phone while we do everything—and this just isn’t safe. 
  1. ATM Safety is Key! Visiting ATM’s during the day is ideal, especially when there are other people around. Don’t count your cash at the ATM or as you walk away. 
  1. Don’t Pull All Your Money Out! When paying for things, or boarding public transportation, avoid pulling all your cash out of your wallet. Have your fare ready or a smaller amount of cash easily accessible to make purchases. 
  1. Never Leave Your Things! Even for a second, taking your eye off your purse, backpack or briefcase can cost you. 
  1. Know Your Credit! Reviewing your credit report regularly is an excellent way to stay in the know if your identity has been compromised. 
  1. Be Discreet! Keep your social security number and PINs confidential. 
  1. Don’t Forget Your Personal Information! Always remove your personal information from company and family websites. 
  1. Trust Your Instincts! If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Always trust your gut when it comes to your personal security.

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